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About me:

My name is Andy Yeung and I’m a photographer keen on landscape, architecture and aerial photography. A decade has past since I picked up my very first camera in 2005. I'm still in love...with the the creative process in photography. As a born-and-raised Hong Konger, I learned to cull inspiration from the familiar especially when coming up with shots of this over photographed city. Capturing great moments and transforming what I’ve seen into something new and artistic is a rewarding experience.

Three years ago, I discovered a new passion for aerial photography. I put together several aerial series including Urban Jungle, which attracted international attention. My recent 360-degree photos went viral on Facebook and been shared thousands of times.

I’ve worked with various internationally known newspapers and companies such as BBC, CNN and DJI. I enjoy working with people who love art and trust me as an artist. Taking projects/assignments seriously, I’m ready to create outstanding visuals with you.

Contact me to discuss rates and your photography needs. My photographs are also available for personal use as fine art for interior decoration. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look around and you'll see. Learn More Here

Contact Me:

Please feel free to contact me for any photography inquiries.
I usually reply within 48 hours, please try again if your inquiry haven’t reply yet.

Email: or Send me a private message on Facebook




Selected Clients:


Press Releases:

...and many more.

Awards / Exhibitions / Publications :

- Hong Kong Tourism Board - Great Outdoors Hong Kong 2020-2021
- Internazionale - Cambiamo le città
- The Wall Street Journal - The Spirit of Hong Kong’s Kowloon Walled City
- Xposure 2018 Exhibitions - Urban Jungle
- The Weather Channel - Urban Jungle
- International Photography Awards - 3rd Prize Winner - Architecture Category
- National Geographic - 2017 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year contest Second Place Winner, Cities
- The Guardian - "Crowded houses in Hong Kong: a drone's eye view"
- The Paper澎湃新闻 - "对话国家地理年度获奖摄影师杨安迪:在高密度空间找寻诗意"
- South China Morning Post - "A bird’s-eye view of Hong Kong’s crowded high-rises in local photographer’s Walled City series"
- Photo Magazine 攝影雜誌 - "Andy Yeung鏡頭下的香港特色"
- YellowKorner - "From the Sky" Exhibition
- BBC 中文網 - "Remember Hong Kong 攝影師鏡頭下的香港老城區"
- photonews 攝影日報 - "本地攝影師Andy Yeung再次衝出國際,香港夜城作品連BBC都報導"
- metropop - "香港攝影師拍下石屎雨林"
- 香港 01 - "港攝影師「香港舊城」圖輯 留住消失街景獲BBC報道"
- Lonely Planet - "Photographer shares stunning pictures of Hong Kong inspired by Ghost in the Shell anime"
- My Modern Met - "Dazzling Photos Explore a Rapidly Changing Hong Kong at Night"
- photonews 攝影日報 - "年輕攝影師Andy Yeung舉辦《From the Sky》相展,用獨特角度展示香港高人口密度的城市觀"
- Fubiz - "Hong Kong Old Town Shot by Andy Yeung"
- Quartz - "The pockets of the old Hong Kong that still exist within the modern, glitzy city"
- DJI - "How drone technology has refined the art of photography"
- CNN - "Incredible new views of an over-photographed city"
- PetaPixel - "These Drone Photos Show the Density of High-Rises in Hong Kong"
- BBC - "Niebla de colores sobre Hong Kong"
- Business Insider - "These dizzying photos of China's gorgeous skyscrapers will make you feel like you're in a video game"
- Lonely Planet - "Skyscrapers seen from above: breathtaking photos of Hong Kong’s skyline taken in the blue hour"
- 500px ISO - "Drone Photos Show the Crazy Urban Density of Hong Kong"
- Daily Mail - "Stunning drone images make the sprawling cityscape of Hong Kong look like a metropolis from the future"
- Quartz - "Hong Kong’s overwhelming urban density—captured from a drone"
- PBS NewsHour - "These photos prove you should look up on your daily commute"
- The Weather Channel - "Hong Kong Harbour Illuminates Fog into Stunning Hues"
- My Modern Met - "Stunning Aerial Shots of Fog Turning Hong Kong into a Dreamy Metropolis"
- designboom - "andy yeung's drone photos rise above hong kong at night to capture urban fog"
- GIZMODO - "Hong Kong Cloaked in Fog Looks Unreal From the Sky"
- Bored Panda - "Drone Photos Reveal The Incredible Density Of High-Rises In Hong Kong"
- Travel + Leisure - "Amazing Drone Photo of Hong Kong Will Make You Want to Book a Trip"
- Feature Shoot - "The Breathtaking Urban Density of Hong Kong, As Seen From Above"
- South China Morning Post - "Stunning drone photography of Hong Kong attracts global attention"
- Fubiz - "Above Hong Kong from a Drone"
- Daily Mail - "Heads up! Photographer captures the dizzying views on display inside more than 100 of China’s megastructures"
- International Photography Awards - 1st Prize Winner - Cityscapes Category
- International Photography Awards - 3rd Prize Winner - Interior Category
- International Photography Awards - Honorable Mention - Architecture Category
- PX3 - Gold Winner - Architecture Category
- PX3 - Silver Winner - Architecture Category
- PX3 - Honorable Mention - Architecture Category
- International Photography Awards - Oneshot 'Home' competition - 1st Place
- Sony World Photography Awards - Commended in the Architecture category
- Art People Gallery - Featured on the page of Art People Gallery
- Month of Photography Los Angeles - One Shot Gallery Exhibition at Loft at Liz’s as part of Month of Photography Los Angeles
- flickr - Featured on flickr Monthly Award
- - Readers The Best Photos

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